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Ionic Air Care was founded in 2020 with the sole purpose of developing the most advanced – highest performance dual-polar ion generators for civil and military aircraft, submarines, and troop transports ever designed. With the advent of our i7000A and i8000M environmental control system (ECS) duct mounted products along with the i3550G i3700G ground use units, we have accomplished those goals.

Needlepoint dual-polar ionization is a highly effective technology to combat pathogens such as bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19), mold, odors, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and harmful Ultra-Fine Particles (UFP).

Dual-polar ionization technology greatly improves the air quality in aircraft interiors and other vessels by replicating nature’s air cleaning processes, giving you and your passengers or troops a more enjoyable travel experience, greater comfort, safety, mission readiness, and peace of mind.

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