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It’s not rocket science, but it is Air Care at the atomic level.



All of our products are designed with the end user in mind regarding performance, durability, ease of use and aircraft installation, price, and most importantly combating viruses, bacteria, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mold, smoke and dust.

Our flagship product, the i7000A is a dual-polar ion generator designed to be mounted to an aircraft’s environmental control system (ECS) ductwork with the two ion emitter probes inserted into the ECS ducts. The ions are then carried through the ECS ducts and dispersed into the aircraft’s cabin and flight deck where they carry out their mission to destroy pathogens and other environmental cabin air contaminants.

The i1000DA series carbon fiber reinforced ECS duct adapters are designed specifically for installation of our i7000A units and facilitate ease of installation, saving time and cost. Our ECS duct adapters come in many sizes to fit various ECS duct diameters and can also be made in various shapes for non-circular ducts.

The i3350G Vulcan and i3700G Howitzer ground-use ion generator / air mover units are ideally suited for operators who wish to treat their aircraft interiors with dual-polar ionization but don’t yet have an aircraft installed ion generation system on-board. Aircraft interiors can be treated in as little as one hour with our ground-use systems.



Ionic Air Care’s flagship product – the i7000A Dual-Polar Ion Generator.

ECS Duct Adapters

Ionic Air Care’s Environmental Control System (ECS) i1000DA duct adapters for mounting the i7000A ion generator unit(s) in aircraft.

i3350G / i3700G

 Ionic Air Care’s Ground Use Ion Generator / Air Mover products, the i3350G Vulcan & i3700G Howitzer.

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