What is Ionization?



 Needlepoint dual-polar ionization technology simply replicates the ion generation that happens in nature by various processes. For example, crashing waves at the beach or a waterfall generates tens of thousands of ions per cubic centimeter each second. Similarly, high in the mountains or when a thunderstorm is nearby massive numbers of ions are generated cleaning and freshening the air in the area.

To a lesser, degree photons ionize the air in open fields and meadows, but once inside of cities, office buildings, airplanes, and subways ion levels drop precipitously.


Many people ask how one knows ionization is working and providing all the benefits of cleaning the air and surface and giving the fresh feeling to the space being treated. Airborne pathogens and other environmental contaminants are invisible to the naked eye just as ions are, but fortunately smoke elimination provides a powerful visual demonstration of ionization’s effectiveness.

Below are pictures taken from our smoke elimination demonstration from 0 to 30 seconds.

A safer, cleaner aircraft cabin or military troop transport  environment, no matter your destination.

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